We find that a lot of our patients are curious about many of the same things, so we put together a short list of some of the most common questions and answers.

What will happen on my first visit?

That is up to you! If you would like to meet our team to decide if you would like to become a patient, you can do that. If you have had regular dental care and are looking to schedule a cleaning and check-up, you can do that too. Or if you have some specific issues you are looking to have treated, we can start with a comprehensive examination to be able to offer you the best recommendations for treatment.

If you would like to become a patient at our office, your first visit will start with some forms. To save time, you can download them from the Patient Forms page and fill them out in advance. If you would prefer to fill them out in the office, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

I have a toothache. Do you take emergencies?

We welcome scheduled emergencies, give us a call so we can help you get out of pain! We offer a variety of sedation alternatives based on your specific needs if you are anxious. 

I don't love my smile. What can be done?
Creating a smile that makes you feel confident and attractive is possible through many methods, including whitening, cosmetic bonding, veneers, porcelain crowns, and orthodontics. Our capable team would love to help put together a plan that would get you smiling more.
Do you do root canals?

Yes! We provide a full service of general dentistry, including root canals. This procedure can be performed in one or more sessions depending on the case. 

Do you accept insurance?
We work with all insurance, but we are not a contracted provider. What this means to you: If your plan has benefits for “Out of Network,” we will submit all claims and letters for you. We work hard to make sure you get your maximum benefit. Insurance can be confusing (by design!) and we want to make things clear so you know what to expect. If you have any questions about using your insurance at our practice, we would be happy to assist you.
Do I need X-rays?
Maybe. If you have X-rays from another office that are up to date and diagnostic, we will be happy to use them! We are committed to tailoring our processes to you specifically, and we choose which X-rays to take based on your specific risks and oral health. If you have any questions about recommendations that are made for you, please ask!
Do you place dental implants?

Dental implants involve multiple stages, and you can start the process right here in our office. We will plan the restoration first, place the implant and after the healing time has passed, we add the crown on top of your implant to give you an esthetic, functional, and long-lasting bionic tooth. 

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