Dentist in Bee Cave

We offer a full range of general dentistry services using the latest technology available.

White Porcelain, Metal-free Crowns

These treatments can restore the integrity of teeth that have been broken down from wear, trauma, acid erosion, or decay. Whether made from tooth-colored, metal-free porcelain or even gold, these long lasting restorations re-build and preserve the tooth. We scan our crowns with latest tech so no goop in your mouth!

Porcelain Veneers

If chipped teeth, discolored teeth, gaps in between the teeth etc., are leaving you embarrassed to smile these dental treatments are good options to restore your smile and your confidence. We offer BIOCLEAR  for gaps and  ICON resin infiltration for those unsightly white spots. Recommended after professional whitening for best results.

Teeth Whitening/ Bleaching

We have options for both in-office treatment that gives you an immediate result, as well as take home professional strength gels with home trays. We currently use Opalescence, Zoom and KOR systems based on the results you want to achieve.

Fillings & Esthetic Bonding

When a tooth has decay that has progressed past the point of reversal/remineralization, a resin composite filling (tooth-colored material) can be used to replace the decayed portions of your tooth.

Peridontal Disease Treatment

Though gum disease is a life-long condition, being “long in the tooth” does not have to be your fate. Treatment has evolved and improved dramatically in the last few years. We now have the capability to identify the specific pathogens causing your gum disease and tailor your treatment and home care regimen to help you halt its progression. Gum disease is highly associated with other health risks in your body, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other inflammatory processes. Periodontal therapy is one facet in improving whole-body wellness.

Dental Cleanings Adults & Teens

Prevention is the most important thing we do. Helping you achieve the oral health you want and giving you the tools to maintain it is central to our values and our mission. We do this by thorough examination, regular hygiene care, detailed monitoring, and personalized recommendations to suit you and your mouth. We see kids 12 and older and offer fluoridated supplements as well as fluoride-free alternatives.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extractions can be performed in office under IV sedation in most cases. Complex cases maybe referred out to the Oral Surgeon.

Nightguards & Sports Guards

Some people exert excess forces on their teeth at night (clenching or grinding), causing premature aging and breakdown of the teeth. While the root causes should also be investigated, a night guard can help protect the teeth and jaw joints from these traumatic forces. Sports guards are highly recommended for prevention of traumatic injury.

Gas (Nitrous Oxide), Oral or IV Sedation/Anesthesia

We provide different levels of sedation/anesthesia in our office. Based on your health history and your dental needs, the doctor will recommend the best level of sedation/anesthesia indicated for your case. Ask about Gas (Nitrous Oxide), Oral or IV Sedation/Anesthesia during your consultation for more information.

Root Canal Therapy

When bacteria get into the nerve of a tooth by decay or fracture, it can not only cause discomfort, but become a source of infection for your whole body. Root canal therapy removes the infected tissue and allow you to keep your tooth. Our office will work with you through this process and restore the tooth once the root canal procedure is completed.

Tooth Extractions

We can remove teeth that are broken or causing infection and get you on the path to total wellness. If you need one or multiple teeth extracted, a complete health history evaluation is required to determine if any additional care is required to do so safely. We offer same day treatment for emergencies during business hours.

Dental Implants

We place dental implants to replace missing teeth, including bone grafts, if needed. After a healing period, we add the crown on top of your implant to give you an esthetic, functional, and long-lasting bionic tooth. We have 3D technology to create surgical guides and provide you with the most predictable outcomes.

Overdentures & “All-on-4”

Also called “teeth-in-a-day” these treatments replace your natural teeth using a combination of implants and false teeth. Unlike traditional denture treatments, you do not have to take them out at night, giving you a stable solution that makes eating, smiling, and speaking feel more natural. If you currently wear dentures, they can be improved by adding implants for greater stability and retention, allowing you to eat what you want again.

Orthodontic Clear Aligners

A laser-trimmed, precision fit ensures the aligners are comfortable to wear, so you will barely notice them. Ask how you can get a straighter, healthier smile today.


PRF is used by concentrating your own blood platelets utilizing a centrifugation device. Your platelets, growth factors and stem cells derived from your own blood could be collected and utilized in surgical sites for regeneration.

Simple, Effective and 100% Autologous.
Improves vascularization
Excellent soft tissue wound healing
Low cost 
Growth factors release > 10 days
Production of a matrix for optimal bone graft 
No chemical additives

ICON – White Spot Removal

No drilling removal process to blend white spots on front teeth after braces or naturally occuring. Resin infiltration is a minimally invasive restorative treatment to treat white-spot lesions on your teeth.

BIOCLEAR – Black Triangles Removal

Bioclear is a cutting-edge technique that uses a minimally invasive injection moulding technique to treat black spaces between the teeth due to spacing resulting from orthodontic treatment and aesthetic concerns, while preserving the organic tooth structure and delivering natural-looking results. 

Oral Biopsy with Computer Assisted Analysis

Cancer screening and oral soft tissue biopsy with computer assisted analysis are available at our practice. When a cancer screening exam reveals that suspicious lesions may need further inspection, brush biopsy to collect an oral tissue cell sample for advanced AI technology tissue analysis and diagnosis by specialty-trained pathologists. It is painless and the results are reliable in ruling out precancer or cancer.

Bone Graft

A bone graft is placed after tooth extraction to preserve the width and volume of bone you will need for dental implant placement later or immediately with implant placement. It is a relatively comfortable procedure. It requires the use of a membrane to keep the bone in place until the gum has healed. PRF can sometimes be added to bone graft procedure to improve regeneration and sometimes in replacement of a membrane.